Agricultural Machineries

Qingdao Tulip Machinery Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of the Qingdao Pafic Group, is a Sino-Dutch joint venture. On the Chinese side, China Pafic has an international perspective and has a background in import and export trade in the mechanical field for more than 20 years. In the Netherlands, Peeters group has specialized in R&D and manufacturing agricultural and animal husbandry machinery since the middle of the last century. It has a professional history of more than 50 years. The company has a long heritage. We are not only focusing on making agricultural and animal husbandry machinery professional but also taking responsibility for customer satisfaction at all times. 

With our brand recognition, excellent product quality, and durability, clients continue to entrust us with various orders. Our products are higher than the EU standard certification in the TMR industry. In addition to inheriting dozens of patents in the EU, we have alsoaccumulated and contributed hundreds of patents in China. Teamwork and innovation will always be our constant pursuit.

  • TMR Feed Mixers
  • Power Harrows
  • Precision Vacuum Planters